E3 Business In Post Conflict Columbia – An Interview With Andres Lopez

My guest today is Andres Felipe Lopez. Andres is from Bogota, Colombia. He is a J.S.D candidate in International Human Rights Law at the Notre Dame Law School. He received his LL.B from the Universidad del Rosario in 2009 and his LL.M in International Legal Studies and Comparative Law from the Georgetown University Law Center in 2013 . He worked at the International Legal Affairs Office of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he collaborated in the treaty negotiation and ratification process, and taught International Public Law at the Universidad del Rosario Law School.

Andres is interested in international law, human rights theory, development issues and Catholic social teaching. His doctoral studies focus on the relationship between business, human rights, and development. His dissertation concerns how corporations and other private actors can promote development in countries with high rates of poverty, focusing on questions concerning the recognition of new duty-bearers under international human rights law, the relationship between human rights and development, and the limits of the law to promote social change.

Andres enjoys spending time with his wife, Carolina , and his two children.

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